Learn how to assess and examine objectives, take action in manageable steps and attain goals.
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About: Robin Belkin, Certified Life Coach
Owner and Founder of
Robin is a Certified Life Coach specializing in personal and professional growth, personal transformation and business development, making and meeting goals, overcoming challenges, improving unfulfilling aspects of life, career and life transitions, relationship issues, personal organization and time management or whatever challenges you face.

Education Links: 
Masters Degree in Counseling with an MFCC Option, CSUEB                                          Bachelors Degree in Sociology, UCSC
CUG, Coach University--Advanced Training Graduate
ACC, International Coa ch Federation
Robin's objectives are to enable her clients to:
1) Clarify their personal and/or professional life vision,
2) Design effective life or business  strategies,
3) Set and attain clear goals
4) Overcome challenges and obstacles to their success
5) Meet their physical, emotional, intellectual, professional, financial and spiritual needs in healthy ways
6) Enhance their personal and professional relationships
7) Align their personal and professional pursuits with their core values, and
8) Improve the quality of their lives overall.

Competitive Advantages 
The unique talents, expertise, experiences, etc., that Robin brings to coaching, in comparison with other coaches, are:
1. Robin has received substantially more pertinent training than many coaches.  She has undergone both Core Essentials and Advanced Training at Coach University, Certification by the International Coach Federation as well as a two-year Masters Degree program in Counseling Psychology.  Her Master’s Thesis was on “Recent Changes in Traditional Family Structure with Emphasis on Marital Satisfaction in Dual Career Families and the Impact of Divorce on Children.”
2. Robin has access to a comprehensive library of resources, assessment tools and training through her affiliation with Coach University.
3. Robin possesses exceptional analytical skills, empathy and creativity in addressing personal, professional, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual issues, relationships, parenting, personal and professional development and work-life balance issues.
4. Robin offers clients her undivided attention and commitment, exceptional listening, creative, perceptive and intuitive skills.
5. Robin has worked in both the public and private sectors in both large and small organizations.  She has realistic, first-hand knowledge of many work environments and the opportunities and challenges they present.
6. Robin was single until she was 36 years old; so, she has a clear understanding of the single lifestyle.  Also, she has been married for over 15 years, raising 3 children, so she has a solid understanding of married and family life as well.
7. Robin is a cancer survivor.  She cared for her mother who battled breast cancer the last year of her life and lost her father to Parkinson’s disease and congestive heart failure.  These experiences enhance her understanding of many personal health, care-taking and spiritual issues.
8. Robin has experienced financial hardship and deep debt as well as financial independence and management of  diversified, financial investments.
9. Robin emphasized Women’s Studies in her undergraduate education at UC Santa Cruz and has a particular appreciation of the plight of minority cultures and women.
10. Finally, Robin  has a particularly dry wit and an infectious sense of humor that can make working with her a lot of fun!